Ashlee Berghoff

“It’s not the idea that matters most, it’s the execution. Eureka Results will make your ideas work for you.”

Mike Michalowicz, Author of Profit First and Clockwork

“Many books on systems lack the guidance entrepreneurs desperately need. Finally, we have a book that is practical & most importantly, implementable.”

Alex Kuhn, Leadership Member and Founder of Born to Lead

“My life would have been dramatically different if I read this 34 years ago. Oh well…here’s to the next 34.”

Paul Stafford, Founder of Allies 21

“Ashlee’s insights help you to see the big picture even while you are standing in the “messy middle.” She makes it easy to create a foundation of systems that will help you get Eureka Results!”

Vicki Moore, Author of Life Beyond Should

Eureka Results

How Entrepreneurs Can Turn Their Best Ideas Into Reality

We all love a good eureka moment, don’t we? Flashes of insight can hit us at the strangest times, and they feel great. 

If you’re an entrepreneur, you have great ideas all the time. Making those big ideas happen, though…that’s a whole different story. 

If you find yourself stymied by shiny object syndrome, overwhelmed by a thousand different tasks, or redirected by yet another unexpected detour, you need this book.

Eureka Results  isn’t about coming up with great ideas—you’ve got that covered. This book is about how you can make those big ideas happen systematically.

Even if you hate thinking about systems.

Even if you think you’ll never be good at them.

Systems are one of the most underestimated but powerful tools in our arsenal as entrepreneurs.

In Eureka Results, Ashlee Berghoff flips the script on what systems are and why they matter. You’ll discover:

  • The real reason most entrepreneurs haven’t achieved the entrepreneurial freedom they were promised (and the ONLY way to finally take control of your business, your time, and your life)  
  • How successful entrepreneurs can set us up for failure just by telling their stories
  • Why great ideas and grit are more likely to lead to overwhelm and burnout than real results
  • How the constraints of systems can enable your greatest creative work
  • PLUS… the five core systems every entrepreneur needs in place to turn every eureka moment into a bona fide eureka result

Your ideas are just the starting line.

Taking action on them is the marathon…and systems are the running shoes and water bottle that get you to the finish line.

Think of Eureka Results like training ahead of race day. It’s indispensable for any entrepreneur who has an idea they’re ready to run with.


On your mark. Get Set. Go!

Even the process Ashlee used to bring her book to fruition was a masterclass of systems thinking and strategic implementation.”

Shelly Davies, Writer-Trainer and Joyful Badass

“Now I’m thinking of systems as supportive, a tool, and something I can CREATE instead of a “should.” It’s exciting!”

Joanna Platt, Founder and Life & Relationship Coach

“I am 100% on board with your thesis. It was like you were speaking truth to my own thoughts and beliefs. Cheering you on!”

Brad Eisenberg, Founder of BE Lean

About the Author

Ashlee Berghoff, MBA, is a master of systems and the founder of A Squared Online. She believes that without powerful systems and effective delegation, entrepreneurial freedom is impossible. Ashlee’s proprietary approach within her consulting firm – Action Amplified – helps lifestyle-driven online entrepreneurs recapture the freedom they started their business to experience. Her team turns overwhelmed solopreneurs into CEOs by enabling coaches, copywriters, marketers, creatives, and consultants to turn their best ideas into reality without burnout.

Ashlee recognizes the power of a slower pace of living in our modern world. Country music, international travel, mac n’ cheese, philosophical conversations, and boxing gloves add zest to her life. Ashlee enjoys adventuring with her family and camping in the Rocky Mountains.

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